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Intelligent Infrared Temperature Sensor Forehead Thermometer Temperature Measurement Door


² Infrared temperature measurement function: using non-contact infrared temperature measurement probe, temperature measurement error is less than 0.2 , can quickly screen out high-temperature crowds.

² Laser ranging function: The distance measuring module is 20cm-80cm to ensure that the personnel can accurately measure the temperature in the channel, (the longest distance can be measured whithin 1.5 meterscan made according to customers request)

² Easy operate: The temperature probe angle can be adjusted up and down 45 degrees according to the height of different people, and the side mounting bracket can also be adjusted. The adjustable height is 1 meter-1.5 meters for people of different heights  

²  Fast and sensitive detection time: Less than 1 second (can test per 0.25 second)

² Display method: The red and green warning lights and digital tubes show the actual measured temperature.

² Safe and Reliable: The top of the device is equipped with a cooling fan, which can better promote air circulation; at the same time, maintain air circulation in the channel, which can effectively avoid cross infection

² Warning way: When the body temperature exceeds the preset value (generally the preset temperature is 37.3 ), the temperature control door will automatically and continuously sound the alarm and the red warning light will always going on , the actual temperature measured will also change from normal green to red

² Work voltage: AC100V-240V


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