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LED curbstones

  • Model: TP-SR-ST
  • Unit: pcs
  • Min order: 1PCS


- No color change due to UV material.
- No deformations.
- Impact resistance reaching up to 65 km/h resistance on direct hits and
direct loads of over 500 kilo grams.
- Temperature resistance: ≥-20c° , ≤100c° .
- IP67 Protection level
- Topsafe Supply Connecting cables solution
- Topsafe Supply Installation by brackets&Screws solution

Cable Connection&Bracket installation solution:
We Supply all the cables,brackets&screws for wire connecting and installation
what you will do is only connect as below:
cable solution

Anti-UV Material PE Plastic(Poly Ethylene)
Colors Yellow,White,Green,Blue.
LED SMD 5050,12pcs,4sets
Working temperature ≥-20c° , ≤100c°
Working Voltage DC12/24V
Power Consumption 2W
Current 85-90mAH
LED lifespan 50,000hours
Production level IP67

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