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5 reasons why solar spike not work after install

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7 few years ago, when I first enter the field of road safety industry, I found that many customers will feed back this problem, which is the spike will inexplicable not work after a period of installation. Later, after careful inquiry customers, we found that they all have the same misunderstanding about solar road spike.  Some people called solar spike, some called solar spike, i prefer solar spike, so i will use solar spike in the following articles.


Most customers think solar road spike can be installed any where as long as they can play a leading role. Atually it’s not. Now let’s list the 5 main reasons why solar spike not work after a while of installation, i’m sure it will be helpful for you.


When it comes to the installation of solar spikes, there is one category that must be understood. According to the installation site of solar spike can be divided into embedded type and raised type.

The former is usually used in the center line and the latter in the edge line.

Why does it not light up after a period of installation? After doing a lot of customer research, I’ve come up with a 5 main reasons:


1. The installation environment does not conform to the working principle of the solar spike.

Solar spikes absorb the sun’s rays during the day and convert the Sun’s energy into electricity, which is stored in a storage device (battery or capacitor) . At night, the electricity in the storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch) , the road is outlined and the driver’s line of sight is guided by the bright light emitted by the LED. If the installation site long-term exposure to the sun, the nature of the internal battery capacity is no longer consumed after the light

If this is the case, we recommend that customers choose ordinary reflective spikes for this place. Of course, if your money has no where to be put, I wouldn’t mind installing solar, haha

2. Installing raised spikes to the midline

Raised spikes are usually used on the edge of the road, not the center line or sidewalk. Generally, the middle line or sidewalk is directly run over by vehicles.

In order to solve this problem, buried spike came into being. Exposed to the ground only 5 mm , even if the vehicle constantly run over, still able to work effectively.

3. Install spikes with street lights on top

Conventional spikes are automatically lit at night, and if there is a street light above, the internal controls determine that it is not lit during the day

In this case there are street lights, should confirm the order with the manufacturer, also can work under street lights.

Just adjust the corresponding starting light intensity, it shall work effectively.

4. Internal parts are damaged,will do not shine

Because the road spike is sealed with glue, this can ensure the road spike waterproof and dust-proof characteristics

So as long as an internal part of the damage, the entire spike must be replaced as a whole

At present, the search for the major manufacturers, and can not find a solution to this problem, hope that in the future there will be improved methods

We recommend that you choose reliable, experienced manufacturers, as far as possible to reduce the occurrence of this problem

5. Road spike in the warehouse for a long time before the installation, it is easy to appear the non-bright situation

A small number of customers buy for retailing. If it has not been sold for a long time, say two or three years, it is easy to be out of light at this time. If must store in the warehouse, we suggests the customer to take out under the Sun insolates every 2-3 months, guarantees  the normal performance of the spike.


OK now, that’s all for today, if you have any doubts about road stud, can contact me for the details, i will provide you the most suitable solution for you.


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